Friday, 10 February 2012

Rushi – Movie Review


Prasad Productions, which has a glorious past in the Telugu film industry, has come up with a meaningful and humanistic film. Director Raj Madiraju brought out the film Rushi in such a way that the film could be screened in film festivals and at the same time it has lots of commercial values too.

Rushi (Aravind Krishna) is pursuing his medical education. He believes in practical thinking and is a straight-forward man. He loses his heart to his classmate Puja (Supriya Shailaja). Though Puja rejects him in the beginning, she too starts loving him later, as Puja realises that he is pursuing the doctor course not for money but to serve the people. The first half of the entire film runs in the college backdrop and is full of entertainment.

As the first half is coming to an end, the hero comes across a young boy named Karthik (Master Gaurav) who is battling for his life. Rushi is not a qualified doctor yet starts treatment and everyone start criticising him for taking the initiative. However, Rushi discusses with his friends about the boy’s disease and he expresses his doubt that Karthik needs heart transplant. Surprisingly, a panel of senior doctors who examine Karthik opine the same. Now, Rushi, Puja and his friends start searching for a donor. They are looking for either brain-dead or accident victims. At this juncture, the director has inserted a twist. The remaining part should be seen on-screen.

Aravind Krishna has given a matured performance. His acting skills has improved comparatively with his earlier film. He looks handsome looks with a well-toned body. The actor has expressed different emotions in a right passion and has shown some ease in dance Supriya has some good looks and her debut performance is okay. She makes a good pair with the hero. Gaurav looks cute. All the other artistes have done justice to their respective roles.

The dialogues in the film are passable. There are a number of songs in the film and the audiences make use of them to smoke or to have some tea. If their numbers were cut short, the film would be more interesting. Don Chandran’s music is good and some of the tracks by Singdha are quite melodious. The camera work and editing are just okay. However, despite making a good product, he has done some minor mistakes here and there and they are ignorable. He has made a good effort to bring out the acting talents of artistes. His portrayal of characters reveals this. Though the first half gives a feel that is just a watchable film, the second half arrests the audiences to their seats and makes them to sit tight. Especially, the way of narration of the story in the form of hero telling about his life to a television journalist is good.

No doubt, Rushi has a good theme and has been also tackled effectively and worth appreciation. It is a different from routine film. The film leaves to the audiences some meaningful thoughts. Watch the film if you are really looking for a different flick with a touch of entertainment.

Cast: Aravind Krishna, Supriya, Raviprakash, Master Gaurav and others.
Credit: Music – Don Anand, Lyrics – Snigdha, Cinematography – Tribhuvan Babu, Editing – Srikar Prasad, Producer – Ramesh Prasad, Story, screenplay and direction – Raj Madiraju
Banner: Prasad Productions Pvt Ltd
Released on: February 10, 2012


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