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Poola Rangadu

Poola Rangadu Movie Review:


Ranga (Sunil) buys a property of 30 acres that is located besides the areas of two baddies of the village Kondareddy (Dev Gill) and Lala Goud (Pradeep Rawath), who wants to grab the land to build a canal as it was their prestige issue. After knowing that land belongs to Ranga, they start searching for him in order to killing him.

Later Sunil will become henchman to Konda Reddy under some circumstances. Meanwhile, Ranga and daughter of Lala Goud, Anitha (Isha Chawla) falls in love with each other. But Konda Reddy wants to marry that girl with whom Sunil maintains a deep love. Did Sunil succeeded in getting back his land and lady love or not should be watched in theaters.


Poola Rangadu story has some resemblance with Sunil’s earlier comedy flick Maryada Ramanna, but director has chosen a fresh treatment that totally differs from it. First half of the film is racy with ample comedy sequences and electrifying dances of Sunil and Second half is also dealt in entertaining way, but some dull moments in parts are witnessed. Climax is lagged needlessly; however, Sunil’s six-pack abs is a treat to watch on screen.


Sunil is dynamic with his comedy timing and terrific dances; He surely shocks the audience with his 6-pack look. Isha Chawla’s performance scores average, but she is looking cute. Dev Gill and Pradeep Rawat are fine in grey roles. Ali and Raghu Babu Comedy sequences tickle some funny bones. The other cast too have done a good job in their allotted roles.


Anoop’s music falls in average category, but Sunil’s dances to those tunes impresses. Background score is just fine while Editing could have been crispy. Cinematography scores good marks, dialogues are sharp in parts and Production values are rich. Veera Bhadram’s direction is awesome; he is one of the capable director in handling the movie without any loose of commercial values. He has added a fresh treatment to the story that helps the movie to have a long run.


Poola Rangadu is blend of good comedy scenes and melodrama. This Movie is quite watchable with entire family.

Points: 3.5/5

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