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Surya (Raviteja), who works in gym, is a goalless guy. Later he enters into mission of saving Sriram (Sriram), a close friend of him,
as he faces death sentence in Saudi Arabia citing a murder case of his lover Vaishnavi (Bhavana). The truth is that Vaishnavi dies after falling from the roof of the top.

Surya tries to get a signed letter from parents of the girl, as the court agrees to suspend the death sentence if the parents of the lady agree to it. So he wants to meet father of the dead girl, Raja Goud (Pradeep Rawath), who is looking to take revenge on Raviteja. Did Surya succeeded in his mission of saving his friend or not is the rest of the story.


The first half of the movie is boring and pathetic too, while second half has some comedy elements, especially that of Raviteja and Brahmanandam. But the movie fails in generating the same momentum up to climax sequences. Director has missed logic in narrating the story; the whole movie seems to be mix of loopholes.


Raviteja’s character seems to be routine, in some scenes he looks aged, but he is energetic in fight sequences. His combination scenes with Brahmanandam are highlight. Deeksha Seth is cute, she must improve her expressions. Rajendra Prasad and Sriram have excelled in their roles. Bharath and Brahmanandam comedy sequences are good. Pradeep Rawath and Mukul Dev are fine in their routine villain characters. Brahmaji and Supreet are okay in their parts.


Gunasekar direction is not up to the mark, he failed in choosing better script. Gripping screenplay and effective narration should have saved the movie from being an average. Music scored by Thaman is mediocre and the background score is average, some tunes in the movie remind us his earlier compositions. Cinematography is topnotch and same as the Production values, but Dialogues and editing fails.

Final Word:

Nippu is a mass masala film of Raviteja, nothing is offered fresh. Poor screenplay and stretched narration makes the movie a below average fair.

Points: 2.25/5

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