Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Yevadu and Shadow are Similar Stories

Yevdu  Shadow

It happens very rarely that the stories of Yevadu and Shadow are looks like same. These co-incidences happens for the big budget movies.

Vectory Venkatesh Shadow is directing by Meher Ramesh and producing by Paruchuri Prasad.In this flick Srikanth is playing as police officer. In this movie a series of murders will happens, Srikanth is on a search for killer but no one can guess the killer except audience.

Ram Charn Yevadu movie is being directed by Vamshi Padipally and produced by Dill Raju. In this movie a serices of muders will take place but no one can guess this except audience. Finally Yevadu turns none other than Ram Chran.

These both films have the similar stories but the output of these films entirely different and these two films are shooting different locations. These movies are directing by different directors. 

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